neoubermenschism (fraktur_deye) wrote in neoism,

Kantor's Deadly Gift

thursday, aug 3, 2006 12.05pm

Ladies and Getlemen!

As you are reading this short message
ISTVAN KANTOR is about to begin reading his manifesto at the AGO's
Andy Warhol show right in front of Warhol's RED DISASTER.
If you hurry up you can still catch part of the surprise-intervention
and take a picture with your hidden digital camera of Kantor's
bloody face for the frontpage of your newspaper or website.

Kantor will tell you that Warhol's RED DISASTER is his own work
of art, created with his own blood and many other artists' blood (see
Kantor's attached AGO Gift Statement)
He is about to donate a vial full of his own blood to the
permanent collection of the AGO. This small but very powerful
sculptural piece contains the spirit of Warhol and many other artists' spirit

In order to figure the end of Kantor's surprise action you have to
inquire information from the AGO and see if Kantor gets arrested or

Have a great time!

AGO (Art Guerilla Ontario)

A DEADLY GIFT (Trans-fusion AGO)
Donated to the Art Gallery of Ontario by Istvan Kantor

For a long time now art has become a controlled industry under the dictatorship of museums and related institutions. They deplore the public's lack of taste, they educate us to pretend to like and admire the great works of art with which we no longer have any connection. The artist is just a toy, even if she/he is a warrior, in the hand of the dominating forces. Silenced and reanimated. Imprisoned and awarded. Banned and welcomed. Condemned to death and praised. Executed and resurrected.

While Warhol's Red Disaster, like any other great work of art, has in it all the possibilities for subverting the rules, for stirring up revolt, today it is nothing but an object signifying the emptyness of death, a piece of property in a mausoleum. That's why it is a perfect work of art for a deadly freakshow like this, and that's why it is also a perfect background for making this statement an even more deadly manifesto.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I sincerely consider Andy Warhol's Red Disaster my own work of art and therefore I declare that I created it with the use of my own and many other artists' blood. This is not just a gesture of post-modern appropriation, sanctified plunder or intellectual vandalism but it represents full identification with the creative force of a work of art. With this I validate its actuality and I add a new ideal value to its meaning.

It is a trendy fashion among the bureaucratic media and the co-operating intelligentsia to either ridicule and condemn an effort such as this, an unofficial intervention that compensates for their reinforced dictatorship, or to pretend that nothing has happened besides the desperate frenzy of a raging freak.

Therefore I extend my gesture and statement with another deadly surprise. Ladies and Gentlemen, I'm very happy to announce that I donate a beautiful sculptural piece to the museum's permanent collection: a vial full of my own, fresh blood, signed and entitled DEADLY GIFT, valued at $1million per millilitre. This tube of blood contains the spirit of Andy Warhol and other dead artists' spirit (see enclosed list)!

May it be the proper pride of your museum!

Istvan Kantor Monty Cantsin? Amen!
This action based work is part of a series dedicated to the 50st anniversary of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution
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