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Headquarterz: Reordering the Machines

An Interactive Workshop Featuring Istvan Kantor
February 6th – 10th, 2006

Focusing primarily on aspects of machinery systems and their relation to contemporary culture - including technological machinery, the machination of society, and the body-machine – Headquarterz will provide 15-20 UWO Visual Arts students with an opportunity to both consult individually, and work collectively with Govenor General Award winning multi-media artist, Istvan Kantor. This project is intended to ‘activate’ and ‘energize’ the ArtLab space while allowing the students to exercise their practical skills and engage with the specific theoretical issues involved in Kantor’s work.

Utilizing elements of video, installation, and performance Kantor and the students will occupy the ArtLab space for the duration of the workshop where they will be expected to accumulate research data, collect materials, and – in consultation with Kantor – create original material based on the theme, “Reordering the Machines”. During the course of the workshop the students, together with Kantor, will design a final project, which could take the form of an exhibition, situation, performance, or public gesture involving the work of both Kantor and the students, to be presented on Friday February 10th. The workshop will be heavily documented with both video footage, still photographs, and written responses to allow for the possibility of a zine-style independent publication. Following this, the project may be the subject of an open review panel composed of writers and art historians from the Toronto/London area (ie. David Liss, Riva Symko). This would allow members of the immediate community to respond to both the work of Kantor, and the final Headquarterz project.

Istvan Kantor Online</>
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